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  • Utility tokens only
  • /1-111 available to mint
  • Hidden wallet address
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Pick which memberships to showcase.

Member, contributor or holder?

Choose your belonging to each community.

Update relationships.

Self-determine your belonging on our matrix.

Connect with belongings.

Find others holding high-signal tokens.

A profile that turns utility tokens into social signals

Your web3 wallet can finally become your on-chain social identity, where you can express your tokenised memberships.


tokens curated.


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Connect with relevant web3 degens. Join a others in providing context to the tokens in our wallet.

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Find your next favourite utility token. Pick from a curation of ERC-721, ERC-1155 and ERC-20.

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Stop living in a (non)-fungible wasteland.

Forget your OpenSea profile that displays an NFT you got rug-pulled by as well as your most prized digital possessions.

Why web3 x belong? Here, we break down our purpose and reasoning.

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Roadmap. What we're up to now, next & later.

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